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Host virtual events, livestreams and videos all on your own branded space, powered by web3.

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Customized for Your Brand

Showcase your videos and live streams on personalized, branded pages.

StreamETH gives you full control over the look and feel, ensuring your content aligns perfectly with your brand identity.
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Seamless Video Management

Easily upload videos and go live using our intuitive dashboard. Generate clips from live streams, transcribe content, and create subtitles effortlessly.
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Advanced Tools for Efficiency

Simplify your video tasks with advanced features like live stream clipping and subtitle generation, making your content creation process smooth and efficient.
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Secure Access Control

Manage who can view your content with robust access settings, ensuring your videos and live streams are always in the right hands.
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Ready to take your media on-chain?

Publish your first video onchain!

Hybrid and Virtual Events

Adding a virtual side to events connects communities globally and spreads content across borders.

Product Launches

Live streaming a product launch boosts global engagement, authenticity, and FOMO, creating excitement and real-time interaction with a broad audience.


Hosting a webinar enables engagement, sharing knowledge, and building relationships, offering real-time interaction, insights, and authority in an industry.

Community Calls

Community calls foster belonging, encourage connections, facilitate learning, and provide a platform for dialogue and shared experiences.

Virtual Meetups

Virtual meetups promote connections, networking, knowledge sharing, discussions, experiences, and collaboration in a digital space.

Festival and Parties

RAAVE taught us that parties are also to be streamed, so communities can all vibe together, no matter which borders separate them.